Birthday Invitation Wording


What to write for the birthday invitation wording?

If you aren’t sure, don’t sweat it. This page comes with everything you need to know about writing the 1st birthday invitation for the invites you are sending out.


Come one, come all and join the fun!
Our baby Einstein is turning 1! 


Why is Invitation Wording Important?

The reason that  wording is so important is due to the fact that the birthday party invitation wording provides your guests with all the information they need to know about the party.

You have to let them know through the wording for birthday invitations what time they need to arrive, who is invited, and so much more. Without the proper wording for birthday invitation cards, your guests may have no idea where the party is, what time it will be, and what the celebration is about.

Obviously your first birthday invitation is going to come with the information that your child is turning 1 year old and that it is his birthday you are celebrating, but how much more does your invitation communicate?

Some of the birthday invitation can include a 1st birthday poem, funny birthday sayings, or birthday poems, but these are usually reserved for the birthday card.
Still, it can be fun to add some funny birthday quotes, funny birthday poems, or funny birthday messages to the invitation. You can find some great ideas for funny stuff below.

Important Aspects of Birthday Invitation Wording

In order to get the wording just right, here are a few things that you absolutely have to add:

  • RSVP – RSVP means “respondez, si vous plait” (respond please). You have to write a phone number or an email for the answer.
  • Location – If you don’t tell people where the party will be, they will not know where to go. Make sure that people know whether the party is going to be held at your house, at a party hall, a restaurant, church, or wherever.
  • Date – The date of the party is very important (which should go unsaid). Few people know what day your child’s birthday is (aside from you), so letting them know what the date of the party is will ensure they show up on the right day.
  • Time – Parents attending a party usually need to prepare, which is why letting them know what time the party will be held is essential.
  • Map – This is not something that is mandatory, but it certainly helps if you provide directions to the party venue. The instructions can be either written or a printed out picture of the map to your party location.
  • The Guest of Honor – Obviously you will need to tell people who the birthday party is for, which is your 1 year old in this case. This will help them to prepare a gift and dress accordingly.
  • Contact Info – In order to make it easy for the people who are attending to contact you, add your phone number and email address on the card if it is different from the RSVP-phone/email address. This way they can get in touch with you if they have any problems.
  • Invitees – It is essential that you make it clear who is invited. If it is a party for a 1 year old, there is no reason why a teenager should attend. State clearly who is invited to the party to be sure you have no unexpected and uninvited guests.

All of these things need to be included  to ensure that your guests know exactly when, where, and for who the party will be.

A Few 1st Birthday Invitation Samples

Want a few 1st birthday invitation samples to give you an idea of what you can write on your child’s first birthday invitation? Below you will find a few simple concepts to get you started:


You are cordially invited to the party for (baby) at (time and place). Bring (objects) and get ready to have some FUN!


Please celebrate the birthday of (baby) with us at (time and place). Feel free to come dressed as (theme), and bring your appetites for cake and ice cream!


(Baby) hopes you will be able to celebrate (his or her) special day. Come (to location at time) and join us for a party!


We hope you can come to (baby)’s first birthday party. Location: (location) Date and Time: (date and time). You are Invited: (invitees)


These are a few simple ideas, but they can help you decide what you want to write in your child’s 1st birthday invitation.

Birthday Invitation Wording Tips

Getting the wording right is important, so here are some tips to help you get the wording just right:

  1. Be specific – Make sure the guests know how long the party will run, as that will help them to prepare accordingly. Seeing as how the guests are likely parents and small babies, they will need to bring a few extra items of baby gear. If they know how long the party is, they will know what they need to bring.
  2. Be excited – Make your wording excited. After all, it is the special day of your little one, and it is a moment to be joyous and celebrate. If you can write wording that shows you are excited, you can get your guests in the spirit of fun as well.
  3. Be funny – Make your birthday invitation wording slightly funny (see below for some funny stuff). Funny is always good, and you will find that adding a touch of humor to your child’s birthday invitation will set the tone for the party.
  4. Be creative – Make the invitation creative and fun. If you can use creative wording, your birthday cards will be unique. While your goal isn’t to create the world’s best greeting card, it is always nice to receive a unique birthday card or invitation.
  5. Be design-friendly – Make sure to choose a font for the card that will reflect the tone of the party. There are dozens of fun, party fonts that you can download, as well as themed fonts like Jungle, Butterfly, princess, etc. These fonts will add life to you card, thus making it much more fun.

These tips can help you to write fun birthday invitations that will make your child’s birthday cards attractive and fun for your guests.

Ideas for Birthday Cards

Here are a few ideas of what you can write on the first birthday cards for your child:

  • Add a witty or funny poem on birthdays from the ones below. It will add a touch of humor and elegance both.
  • Add a sentence or two about the little one. It will connect the guest of honor to the invitees, and will make it a bit more personal.
  • Add a formal tone to the card to make it fun. No 1-year old is formal, so adding a formal tone is a touch ironic and comical.

Don’t go overboard with the ideas, but have fun making your child’s birthday invitation special.

Funny Birthday Stuff: Funny Birthday Poems, Funny Birthday Messages, and funny Birthday Quotes

Want some funny stuff to add to your child’s birthday card? Below you will find a host of funny stuff you can use to make your child’s card entertaining and humorous:


There is still no cure for the common birthday
And it comes every year like clockwork. 
~John Glenn


The year flew by, it went so fast
But we`ve had fun; its been a blast! 

Just 12 short months ago
I made my big debut
So now I’d like to celebrate
My 1st Birthday with you.


Life is too short to be small.
~Benjamin Disraeli


It`s been a very exciting year
full of joy, love and fun.
We hope you`ll celebrate with us
as our little (girl or boy) turns one! 


Birthdays are good for you. Statistics show that the people who have the most live the longest.
~Larry Lorenzoni


I’m only one, but I’ll soon be two
And guess what I’ve got planned
To have mummy, daddy and all my grand parents
Right in the palm of my hand 

I learned to laugh and squeal,
Then sit and stand,
And I can walk now if you hold my hand.
But the fun has only just begun,
Lookout world, I’m turning one!


Here’s to the first birthday of your adorable little one, and may these cute little poems and quotes be exactly what you need for the best birthday invitation  for your child’s birthday invites.

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