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Working with free birthday invitation templates makes your life a lot easier, as you are able to whip up a fancy invitation without all the stress and hassle that accompanies trying to figure out how to position your photos just right so you can fit all the text around that fancy speech bubble next to the …

With a birthday invitation template, you never need to worry about exactly how to lay out your 1st birthday invitations ever again; the custom birthday party invitations template will come with everything already laid out and designed.

Don’t know how to use Photoshop or Publisher to make beautiful first birthday invitations?

Don’t sweat it; with Microsoft Word you can use the 1st birthday invitation samples and 1st birthday party invites templates to help you mass produce your own custom birthday invitations within a matter of minutes.

Didn’t know Microsoft Word could do all that? It is actually quite a versatile program, and you can easily use it to pump out some quick invitations thanks to the awesome invitation templates that come with the program.

Below are the steps to help you whip up your own first birthday invitations using these invitation templates.

And if you just want some free invitation templates for your child’s first birthday, here they come, two here and more below, free for your own private use.

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Birthday Invitation Templates:

Step by Step Process for Using the Templates

In order to design your birthday cards, you will need to have Microsoft Office installed on your computer. Most computers that run Windows will have Microsoft Office already installed, but go ahead and install it if you don’t have it.

Once you have even an older version of Microsoft Office installed, navigate to Microsoft Word and open it up. Once it has opened, get ready for some fun with invitations making.

Step 1: Click on the “File” button on the top left side of the computer screen, and navigate to the New tab and click on Invitations(used in Microsoft Word 2007 and later) or click “New From Template” (for Microsoft Word 2003).

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Step 2: Look over the template choices that you have, and see if there is one that you like. The templates are downloaded directly from Office Online, so you will need an internet connection to complete this step. You will have to navigate to the Party Invitations folder, which comes with many colorful and decorative party invitation templates that you can choose from.

Step 3: Choose the template that you like best, and double click on it. This will open it up in a new window, and you can get started working with it without having to leave Microsoft Word or do anything else.

Step 4:  The template will take a few seconds to download, depending on your internet speed. As the template is downloading, make sure to collect any art or photos that you are going to use in a single folder where you can easily find it.

Step 5: Once the template has been downloaded, start working on it. The first thing that you will be asked to do is add the photo of your birthday child to the file. Minimize the Microsoft Word window, navigate to the folder where your photo is located, and click once on it. Go back to the Microsoft Word window and click on the box where the picture will go. Open the folder where the picture is, click and hold to drag it into Microsoft Word. Let go, and see the picture snap into place.

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Step 6: After you add the picture, you will need to input all of the text into the free birthday invitation templates. The first thing to input is the name of the child, followed by the date of the party, the time of the event, and any other information that needs to be added. You will find that most invitations will keep it very simple, so don’t worry about adding too much text. You will have designated text boxes that you can simply fill with text.

Step 7: Once you have input your text and added the photo, you have the option of altering the color of your birthday invitation’s background, changing the font of the text, and altering the size of the text. To do so, you will need to go to the “Page Layout” tab at the top of the Microsoft Word window, and click on it. It will open a number of different options for you, such as the “Page Color” option, the “Page Borders” option, the “Themes” and “Colors” options, and the “Fonts” option. All of these things can be changed to alter the color and style of your page.

Step 8: If you have made changes that you don’t like, press the “Control” key along with the “Z” key to undo the actions you just did. You can actually undo a number of actions by pressing the key combination a few times. If you want to redo rather than undo, hit “Control” and “Y” together to redo your work.

Step 9: Take a good look at your birthday party invitation, and see if there are any other elements about it that you want to change. Are the colors just right, and does the artwork or photo that you used of your child match the style of the card? Make changes as desired, and make sure to get it just right before saving it.

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Step 10: Hit the “Control” key along with the “S” key to save the file. This will open a menu for you, and you will need to choose the name of the file along with the file extension. Save the file under any name you want, but click on the “File Type” options to expand the list of file extensions. Look for “PDF” and save your file in this format (this is the format that is easiest for the printers to use). Once your PDF document has been created (and opened in Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader), save the file as a regular document (to have as a backup copy), copy the PDF file onto a jump drive, and take it to the printers.

See how easy it is to get your own birthday invitations made using the free birthday invitation templates? Within a matter of minutes, you can have your own awesomely and professionally designed birthday invitations that are loaded down with colors, pictures, artwork, graphics, fancy fonts, and pretty much anything else you want.

Rather than having to puzzle over how to do all the fancy work yourself, you can let the program do all the work for you. You won’t ever have to spend more than 20 minutes making your own fancy birthday invitations, and no one will ever know the difference between a card made with these invitation templates and one you made.

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Free Birthday Invitation Templates: Why to Use Templates

Now, you may be wondering why you should use these templates. After all, couldn’t you just do all the work yourself using the simple program and have it come out the same? You could, but it never comes out the same unless you are a whiz with Microsoft Word. Here are a few reasons that you should consider using birthday invitation templates rather than trying to make the birthday invitations on your own:

  1. It’s graphically smart – Rather than trying to puzzle out all the graphic design elements of your invitation, you can let the program do the work for you. The templates are loaded with the proper margins, the proper coloring, and all the right graphic design elements that are important for designing a card. All you need to do is work on the card itself, inputting the text and adding the picture or photo. Leave the graphic design to the professionals, and worry about the other details of the party.
  2. It’s very convenient – Many people spend hours trying to puzzle out how to make the card because they have to work with the various commands of a program they don’t really know how to use, but how much time do you have to invest? You will find that using free birthday invitation templates will be much more convenient for you, as you can sit down and let the program do all the heavy lifting.
  3. It’s much quicker – Mothers of small children have roughly 15 minutes on their own while their child is napping, so sitting down for an hour or two to make a card just isn’t possible. Rather than spending all of your free time trying to make a card, simply use the free birthday invitation templates offered by Microsoft Word to help you make your child’s greeting card in record time.

These are a few simple but powerful reasons that the templates are a good choice for you, and you will be hard pressed to find a better aid that will make it easier, quicker, and more convenient to get your child’s 1st birthday invitations ready for the printer.

As I mentioned above, you will also find more birthday invitation templates here:

These two are 4 x 5,5 inches printed with 300 dpi.

Birthday template manga style

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